Reducing Capital Gain Tax With a Deferred Sales Trust

Taxes are the inevitable consequence of making money. But they can be minimized with Real Estate with the assistance of Saint Arnold Commercial. As a CCIM, we can provide the assistance need from a Commercial Real Estate perspective to defer and / or reduce capital gains taxes associated with the disposition of real estate assets.

The obvious strategy to Reduce or Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Property or Investments is to;

  • Wait Longer Than a Year Before You Sell. Capital gains qualify for long-term status when the asset is held longer than one year. If the gain …
  • Time Capital Losses With Capital Gains.
  • Sell When Your Income Is Low.
  • Reduce Your Taxable Income.

Other, more sophisticated tax planning strategies include;

  • Do a 1031 Exchange.
  • Set up a Deferred Sales Trusts and 
  • Create a Trust plan

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