About St.Arnold Commercial

Saint Arnold Commercial has received industry recognition for offering the highest level of expertise in commercial real estate that is available. We are among an elite group of real estate professionals that have earned the designation as a Certified Commercial Investment Member or CCIM. Less than 1% of over 30,000 Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Michigan are a CCIM Designee.

Tenant Perspective:

Your success makes ours possible: Saint Arnold Commercial understands what it means to consistently meet tenant needs—management responsiveness, location analysis, tenant buildout with no construction delays, quality finishes, and more. This is why properties developed and projects managed by the St. Arnold Commercial team have always had extraordinarily high occupancy and renewal rates.

Property Owner Perspective:

 As a Certified Commercial-Investment Member (CCIM), a Licensed Real Estate Broker and a Licensed Builder, St. Arnold Commercial has the credentials and perspective necessary to successfully help you manage and build your property portfolio. Our knowledge of retail and office leasing helps landlords develop new strategies for attracting quality tenants.

As a licensed builder with over 30 years of commercial renovation project experience, St. Arnold Commercial has completed 100’s of thousands of square feet of commercial renovation projects spanning office, industrial and retail sectors. St. Arnold Commercial’s turnaround record with complex, fast track, on budget projects involving a wide range of properties is exceptional.

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