How can St. Arnold Commercial help you? Why should you choose St. Arnold Commercial Realty to handle your real estate needs? The short answer is we offer more and we do it better.

For starters, all Real Estate Owner-Users, Tenants, Landlords and investors share one thing in common, the need to make real estate decisions that are based on sound financial analysis. Yet the typical real estate transaction, starts and stops with the deal.  Where do you see the real estate transaction, relative to your needs? Is it just the transaction decision related to real estate property?

For landlords or tenants, when they envision the typical transaction, they often think in terms of sitting at opposite sides of the table as each tries to make the best lease deal. For the investor, the focus is typically on trying to obtain the best CAP rate and maximizing the return on investment. For the Buyer and Seller, both parties generally focus on trying to structure a purchase agreement so that the parties can find that common ground to make a deal. If that’s how you see yourself relative to your involvement with Real Estate, St. Arnold Commercial can help you take your game to another level, a more lucrative one.


For the Tenant or the owner that occupies real estate, the focus is typically on the lease rate or building acquisition cost, in spite of the age-old adage mantra about the importance of location. Many owners and tenants make choices about real estate with little consideration for location other than their gut feel or opinion. History has shown repetitively that a low lease rate or purchase price can seldom overcome the impact of a poor location. Whether St. Arnold Commercial helps you find your next property to lease or buy, we can arm you with Location Analysis, Gap Analysis and Demographic Analysis data to help you to make best possible real estate decisions. How important is that? Your economic future may depend on it.

For the Owner seeking to increase the probability of selling or leasing in a shorter time, hasn’t it always been about exposure? St. Arnold Commercial will list and offer your property on more MLS services. Your property will be featured on CoStar, Loopnet, Commercial Board of Realtors CPIX, Crexi, RealComp, RPR,, Zillow, Trulia and close to 100 other internet related real estate web sites. Simply put, no one will give your property better Marketing exposure than our team. But it doesn’t stop there, with over 30+ years of commercial sales experience and more importantly, the ability to handle complex sales transactions, you are in good hands with St. Arnold Commercial.

For the Investor, another age-old adage may apply. It’s not about how much you make. It’s about how much you keep. If your current Real Estate Agent’s role is primarily associate with helping you to locate properties to buy or helping to market properties for sale, it’s likely are getting help from someone that is focused primarily on how much you make. With St. Arnold Commercial, we will make sure that that focus is on how much you keep, with the benefit of a 10 year, after tax, discounted cash flow analysis, Deferred Tax Sales Trusts and 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.


For Buyers and Sellers, is your Real Estate partner able to fully serve you needs with Tenant Buildout Services and Property Management Services. In addition to our Brokerage Services, St. Arnold Commercial is a Licensed Builder with over 30 years’ experience providing construction management on critical path, turn-key, commercial renovation projects. Our Property Management Services ensure that the Passive Income desired by Investors isn’t reduced by the time and cost associated with dealing with property maintenance and tenant issues and that you aren’t left to sort out these details for yourself.

When choosing a Real Estate Professional, we think our qualifications enable us to offer a client the highest level of service. This begins with our qualifications and experience. As a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Licensed Builder, we bring with 30+ years of Commercial Sales and Turn-key Commercial renovation project and Property Management experience and more to the client. Add an MBA in Marketing, a B.S. in Law and Business and a penchant for customer satisfaction and you have the recipe that long-term relationships are built on.

Add to that, a CCIM or Certified Commercial Investment Designee, the Highest level of Commercial Real Estate training certification in the industry. We have tools and training that enable a CCIM to offer a higher level of service to clients. Michigan has over 30,000 licensed real estate agents, less than 300 have earned the coveted CCIM designation. Which group do you want to handle your real estate needs?

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